TSF’s Fav IT Links

A collection of REALLY USEFUL websites for IT Techs. 

These links have been collected over the years, they have been very useful for myself and so I am sharing them with you. Like to add to this list? Please write a comment below, thanks. If you would like to add TSF to your site, that would be much appreciated!

[Last updated 25-03-2017] 

Diagrams/Identifying Plugs
USB Plugs – Want to check what the usb plug ends are called?

Spyware and Virus Removal
Malwarebytes – My favourite malware/spyware remover.

Bitdefender – Online anti virus scanner.

AdwCleaner – This program searches for and deletes Adware, Toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), and browser Hijackers from your computer.

RKill – RKill is a program that attempts to terminate known malware processes so that your normal security software can then run and clean your computer of infections. When RKill runs it will kill malware processes and then removes incorrect executable associations and fixes policies that stop us from using certain tools. When finished it will display a log file that shows the processes that were terminated while the program was running.

Stop Crypto – With the help of Windows Server File Resource Manager you can watch for known cryptolocker file extensions. Once it is found a script is run to alert the IT admin and shutdown the server. Many other tips for Cryptolocker prevention.

Process Explorer – A Microsoft tool to view all windows processes. Much easier to dig deep into windows processes.

Putty – Favourite ssh telnet client

FileZilla – Favourite ftp server/client

Fiber Types – Explains the different types of fibre, speeds and distances. Great resource!

Cisco Network Assistant – I am surprised by the amount of people who haven’t heard of CNA. It is a free tool made by Cisco to manage Cisco switches, routers, wireless controllers and access points in a graphical user interface.

Angry IP Scanner – Is a very fast IP address and port scanner.

The Data-Transfer-Rate Conversion Table – Shows KB/sec kbps speeds for modems, isdn, adsl to cable etc

Bits, Bytes and Bandwidth Reference Guide – Shows bits and byte conversion, storage/speed conversion such as megabit = 1000 kilobits etc

SG Bits/Bytes Conversion Calculator – Quick conversion of bits/bytes, this will calculate for you.

IP Calculator – ipcalc takes an IP address and netmask and calculates the resulting broadcast, network, Cisco wildcard mask, and host range. By giving a second netmask, you can design subnets and supernets. It is also intended to be a teaching tool and presents the subnetting results as easy-to-understand binary values.

Subnet mask cheat sheet – Need to work out subnets? This may come in handy!

Editing Apps

Notepad++– The best editor!

HDD Tools

HDDScan – HDDScan is a freeware software for hard drive diagnostics (RAID arrays servers, Flash USB and SSD drives are also supported). The program can test storage device for errors (Bad-blocks and bad sectors), show S.M.A.R.T. attributes and change some HDD parameters such as AAM, APM, etc.

Crystal Disk Info – Excellent tool for checking hd info.  Crystal displays hd info including SMART information.

Darik’s Boot and Nuke – A famous nuking tool. This will wipe data off hard disks using different techniques. The data is not recoverable afterwards.

Windirstat – This tool will show your hd usage in a nice, easy to read view. Easily see what is taking up space on your hd.

PC Hardware

CPU-Z – CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system, such as processor/motherboard/memory info.

PassMark BurnInTest – BurnInTest is a tool that allows you to stress test the PC. Handy to check the temperature of your CPU, GPU.

Boot CD/USBs

Hirens Boot CD – Large amount of handy tools ranging from HD, RAM, AV, Backup, BIOS, Partitioning, Password Recovery, Cleaners, Viewers, Processes, Recovery, Security, Startup Monitors, System Info, Testing.

Ultimate Boot CD – Similiar tools to Hirens. I use Both Hirens & UBCD.

Universal Boot Creator – Universal USB Installer aka UUI is a Live Linux Bootable USB Creator that allows you to choose from a selection of Linux Distributions to put on your USB Flash Drive. The Universal USB Installer is easy to use. Simply choose a Live Linux Distribution, the ISO file, your Flash Drive and, Click Install. Upon completion, you should have a ready to run bootable USB Flash Drive with your select operating system installed.

GParted – Partition editor that is used in a Gnome linux environment.

Windows Tools

Minidump checker – Analyse windows minidump files if you are experiencing BSOD.

Windows Repair Toolbox – Windows Repair Toolbox (freeware) is a software created to help you repair a Windows system, by making the process faster, easier and uniform. This has many tools which you can download on the fly such as Hardware Info, Malware Removal, Backup, Uninstallers, Tests & a lot more.

NiNite – Pick the apps you want and NiNite will download and install them all for you automatically. Freeware. Saves so much time!

Favourite Tech Blogs

Mike’s Blog – Mike has many great tech solutions and articles relating to Microsoft Server and other technologies. I love how he has included alot of Powershell scripts which get the job done quickly!