NTBackup is back, kinda

Good ol’ ntbackup is back again. Running vista, w7 or win 2008 server and need to recover or backup files with ntbackup? I will explain how to do this (See below).

I do like the new backup in Win 7 / 2008 server. Image / block level backups are great, especially when you can run a first big backup and afterwards only backup incrementally what has changed.

What is block based file backup? Each block in a file is examined. If a duplicate already exists, even from a different file, it is not saved. After the first backup only the delta or the changed blocks are saved in the next backup.

Here how to use ntbackup on Vista / W7 / Server 2008:

Download ntbackup from MS here


Copy these files from a win xp box:


You can find these in c:\windows\system32 of Win XP.