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    Happy weekend + tech pic.

    Hey everyone, thanks for all the likes! More great tech content coming very soon. Like to stay up to date with the latest tech fixes, be sure to visit our page. Here is a pic I hope you like. What do you think, true or not? 🙂 Have a super weekend all. # What my friends think I do

  • MS Office,  WSUS

    Oops, Outlook 2013 folder pane disappears

    After the September updates were released from Microsoft a bug has been found to make the folder pane (on the left hand side) disappear. I actually experienced this for myself today. Here is a link from Microsoft with a detailed description and fix. MS are working on re-publishing the September update with the correct versions of mso.dll and outlook.exe to ensure users with auto updates will receive the correct fix. How to fix affected installations (From MS): Two updates can get a user into this state. Installing the September Public Update delivers an updated version of mso.dll without updating outlook.exe, resulting in the incorrect user interface. If you have Automatic…

  • Group Policy,  MS Server

    Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 GP

    Server 2012 R2 is nearly here (Released on the 18th of Oct). Take a look here to find out what’s new in Server 2012 R2. There have been some updates to Group Policy in Server 2012: – How to configure the Windows 8.1 start screen layout with Group Policy – This will make an IT admin’s life so much easier. – Group Policy Caching – This feature will speed up the logon process because the Group Policy engine loads policy information from a local cache (Named a data store) instead of downloading it from a domain controller. – Force refresh – This feature allows you to force a client to…