Past & the future

On Dec 15, 1994 Netscape Navigator was released. Does anyone remember using this to surf the net? That was nearly 19 years ago! Netscape Navigator was the dominant browser back in the day. In 2002 it mostly disappeared because of other browsers such as IE and Firefox.

We have come a long way. Can you imagine what we will be using to surf the net in another 20 years?


Win 8.1 has been released

Win 8.1 has been released and if you are already running Win 8 you can download it for free via the Windows store (The free update is 3.5 gb).

What’s new:

– The start button is back (Right clicking it gives you plenty of good options such as control panel, command prompt, explorer,  shutdown, programs/features etc)

– You can now boot straight to the desktop

– Search has been improved

– Show multiple apps on the same screen

– New Windows store + apps can download/install automatically

– Updates to the Metro apps screen

– Skydrive is integrated into the Windows explorer

– IE 11

Issues I have discovered so far:

I discovered my iCloud calendar stopped working. Error “The information store could not be opened.” The fix was to uninstall the iCloud control panel. Restart. Install iCloud control panel again. Phew! You can download the iCloud control panel from

What are your thoughts on Win 8.1?