• Sharepoint

    Sharepoint 2013 large log file fix

    I have been working on SharePoint 2013 lately and was wondering why so much HD space is disappearing. It appears the SharePoint_Config_Log was very large (over 40gb). The link below will help you with solving this problem. http://www.craig-tolley.co.uk/2010/04/15/sharepoint_config_log-file-size-is-78gb/ (I give full credit to the website owner above however if you need the fix I will paste it below) 1.Open up Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2.New Query 3.Type in the following and press execute. USE [master] GO ALTER DATABASE[SharePoint_Config] SET RECOVERY SIMPLE WITH NO_WAIT GO USE [SharePoint_Config] GO DBCC SHRINKFILE (‘SharePoint_Config_Log’) GO Log has now shrunk 🙂

  • Freeware

    XTree Gold

    Does anyone remember XTree Gold? If you are like me and grew up in the 80/90’s you will remember XTree Gold. What a life saver it was, especially for people who weren’t confident in DOS. XTree Gold is one of the first GUI file managers made which runs on MS-DOS. Did you know, it’s still alive today! You can download it in 32 or 64 bit for Windows from http://ztree.com/ It was released on April 1st 1985 and became very popular! Unfortunately, when Windows was released it was forgotten about. Windows Explorer took it’s place. Please leave a comment about this great program and share your XTree Gold stories! 🙂

  • Raspberry Pi

    Raspbmc heartbleed update

    For those using a Raspberry Pi and Raspbmc there is a new update that brings improved external sound card support, a fix for AirPlay support on iOS 7, performance improvements and most important a Heartbleed vulnerability fix. Reboot it now to get the update. Raspbmc link

  • Freeware

    Remote Desktop Manager

    Remote Desktop Manager is a remote desktop program that will allow you to centralise all of your remote connections, passwords, configuration settings all in the one program. This program has to be checked out, it is very cool! You can add MS RDP, Citrix, Ftp, Intel AMT, LogMeIn, PC Anywhere, Radmin, Remote Assistance, ScreenConnect, TeamViewer, Telnet, SSH, RAW, rLogin, VNC, VPN, Web Browser and X Windows. When you add the connection and go into the properties you will see a huge selection of options to configure the connection. The best thing is, it’s free. Once you download and register it will give you the full edition and after 30 days…