Easy way to create a bootable USB stick

Universal USB Installer can easily create bootable USB sticks. It allows you to choose from a large selection of Linux distributions.

I discovered this tool as I needed to create a DBAN (Darik’s boot and Nuke) bootable usb. It can also create many types of rescue boot cds. It’s worth checking out.

Rufus is another great tool that can create a bootable usb from an ISO and also create bootable DOS usb’s easily.

2012 R2 VM on 2008 R2 Server

This may be old news however it’s a good reminder. If you are running Hyper-V on 2008 R2 server and have a 2012 R2 VM server you may notice the VM stops responding and also receive STOP errors.

Read the following MS KB to find the update.


What’s the cause? The issue occurs because the Hypervisor does not handle the one-shot synthetic timer correctly.