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    Stop Cryptolocker

    Stop Cryptolocker, or at least get warned if it starts encrypting files on your file server. The link below has instructions on how to setup File Server Resource Manager in Windows Server. By adding in certain file extensions you will be able to setup automatic emailing (and shutdown if you want) to detect when Cryptolocker starts encrypting files on your file server. There are also many other great tips on how to protect your server. http://jpelectron.com/stopcrypto Screenshot

  • Windows Tips

    Windows 10 default printer trouble

    I had a client ask me why their default printer keeps changing. I discovered a new feature of Windows 10 automatically sets the default printer to the last user printer. To fix this: Click on the start button and type in “Printers & Scanners” Click on Printers and Scanners Turn off the setting “Let Windows manage my default printer”