• Windows Updates

    WSUS Offline Update

    What is WSUS Offline Update you ask? WSUS Offline Update allows you to update any computer or server without needing an internet connection. Run the updategenerator.exe to download the updates and then run updateinstaller.exe on the pc/server you want to update. This would be very handy if you do alot of onsite work and the person/business doesn’t have a WSUS server, or no internet connection or slow internet.

  • Microsoft KB,  Windows Updates

    Win 10 update broke DHCP / getting an IP address

    Last week Microsoft quietly fixed a Windows update it recently released which prevents users from getting an IP and connecting to the Internet. People are pointing the issue to update KB3201845 released on Dec 9 2016, which appears to break DHCP. This prevents Win 10 from automatically getting an IP address from the network. KB4004227 has been released to resolve this issue. “Note: This issue is limited to PCs running Windows 10 version 1607 that have not been restarted recently, and with network adapters unexpectedly showing an IP address in the 169.x.x.x range. ” More info on MS forums.

  • MS Office,  Networking

    Visio available for the web and iPad

    Visio Viewer for iPad and Visio Online Preview has been released. This will allow users to share and access diagrams from a web browser or iPad (iPhone app is coming soon). It looks like you will be able to add realtime data into the online visio, allowing you to have a realtime map of your diagrams/networks. You will need access to a Microsoft account or home/school Office 365 subscription. For more details see the Microsoft link here.

  • TSF Knowledge Base

    Adobe DC black streaks / lines

    A client had an issue with black streak / lines printing down the page when printing PDFs with Adobe Reader DC. We replaced the printer and it’s still occurring. I found this article which appears to fix the problem. This is occuring after upgrading to Windows 10 anniversary update. https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/reader-dc-prints-streaks-after-upgrade-Win10-anniversary-update.html Solution: “The problem is fixed in the November 03, 2016 patch release of Acrobat DC and Reader DC. This update is automatically applied to all existing installations of Acrobat DC and Reader DC. You can also open Acrobat or Reader DC and go to Help > Check for updates to make sure you are on the latest patch.” If this doesn’t…