Prevent server 2016 from rebooting after windows updates

Q: When installing an update on Server 2016 I get the message “Your device is scheduled to restart outside of active hours”. How do I stop the server from rebooting?

A:  If you look in Task Scheduler under UpdateOrchestrator you can rename/disable the reboot task. This will prevent windows from rebooting.

Let me know if this fix worked for you?

XTree Gold Memories

If you are like me and grew up in the 80/90’s you will remember XTree Gold. What a life saver it was, especially for people who weren’t confident in DOS.

What is XTree Gold? It’s one of the first GUI file managers made which runs on MS-DOS.

It was released on April 1st 1985 and became very popular! Unfortunately, when Windows was released it was forgotten about. Windows Explorer took it’s place.

It is ALIVE TODAY and can be downloaded from

This post was made to remember XTree Gold.

Please leave a comment about this great program and share your XTree Gold stories! 🙂