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    Visio available for the web and iPad

    Visio Viewer for iPad and Visio Online Preview has been released. This will allow users to share and access diagrams from a web browser or iPad (iPhone app is coming soon). It looks like you will be able to add realtime data into the online visio, allowing you to have a realtime map of your diagrams/networks. You will need access to a Microsoft account or home/school Office 365 subscription. For more details see the Microsoft link here.

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    Drag and drop not working in Outlook 2016 Windows 10 Anniversary issue

    I experienced an issue with a client’s computer. He lost the ability to drag and drop emails into folders in Outlook 2016, running Windows 10. This only occurs after the Windows 10 Anniversary update has been installed. I tried to uninstall the Anniversary update, unfortunately this was not possible as 10 days after already passed. If you want to try this type recovery into the start menu. I discovered this to be an authentication issue. Once the outlook password prompt appears and you enter the password the issue occurs. If you are able to close Outlook and re-open it without the auth box appearing the issue disappears. THE WORKAROUND for…

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    Mac Office 2016 & Webdav

    I recently noticed an issue with a user using Office 2016 (Mac – El Capitan) and accessing Office files with a webdav connection to a server. It appears editing Office files on a webdav connection in Office 2016 (Mac) is not supported. See this link. A workaround was to setup CyberDuck and download the word doc, make the changes and re-upload it to the webdav server.

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    Office 365 Experience w/ changing primary domain and sync.

    Scenario: Needed to change the primary domain name of a user from one domain to another. The user also wanted to continue using OneDrive for Business Sync Client (for Windows). Experience: Changed the users primary domain name in the 365 portal. Re-setup Outlook profile and also the users iPhone. Regarding OneDrive for Business, once the primary domain was changed the OneDrive for Business URL did not update straight away. This took roughly 4-6 hours to update. Once the URL updated, all of the data was automatically moved to the new URL path. I then had to stop syncing the old path and resync the new URL path in the sync…

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    Office 2011 Mac Upgrade to Office 2016

    So I tried to update a clients mac running Office 2011 to Office 2016. Simple you would think. Maybe not so simple. When I tried to update it said two services Microsoft Database Daemon and SyncServicesAgent were running and had to be stopped. I tried to kill the process via Activity Monitor. No luck, it starts back automatically. Here’s how to do it: Open the Terminal utility on your Mac and paste the following code: while true; do kill $(ps -ef | grep -i SyncServices | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2} '); done Now try and you will have success. The terminal will be looping the command to keep it…

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    Oops, Outlook 2013 folder pane disappears

    After the September updates were released from Microsoft a bug has been found to make the folder pane (on the left hand side) disappear. I actually experienced this for myself today. Here is a link from Microsoft with a detailed description and fix. MS are working on re-publishing the September update with the correct versions of mso.dll and outlook.exe to ensure users with auto updates will receive the correct fix. How to fix affected installations (From MS): Two updates can get a user into this state. Installing the September Public Update delivers an updated version of mso.dll without updating outlook.exe, resulting in the incorrect user interface. If you have Automatic…