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    Internet Explorer 11 won’t open on Surface 2 and Surface RT

    If the internet has suddenly stopped working on your Surface 2 or Surface RT it could be because of a buggy Windows Update. KB4516067 has broken Internet Explorer for some Surface users. After installing this update on a Windows 8.1 RT device, Internet Explorer 11 may not open and you may receive the error, “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe: A certificate was explicitly revoked by its issuer.” Solution: Uninstall the monthly rollup KB4516067 from September 10th 2019 Open Start. Select Control Panel and navigate to Programs > View installed updates. In the search box in the upper-right corner, enter KB4516067. Select “Update for Microsoft Windows (kb4516067)” and click on Uninstall.

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    A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed – July 2019 Update

    Back in March 2019 I had an issue with a required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed while using MDT/WDS. This was due to a bug in the March cumulative update. The solution was to disable TFTP Variable Window Extension inside the WDS properties. This issue was fixed with the June cumulative update KB4503285 (Server 2012), KB4503276 (Server 2012 R2) KB4503267 (Server 2016) and KB4503327 (Server 2019) I have been reading of many cases where the June CU KB4503276 for Server 2012 R2, which was meant to fix the PXE booting issue is causing a PXE boot issue in WDS/MDT/SCCM. Solution for 2012 R2: This has been fixed with…

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    Bluetooth stopped working in Windows 10?

    Has Bluetooth stopped working for you in Windows 10 since June 11th 2019 ? Microsoft has released a security update which addresses a security vulnerability by intentionally preventing connections from Windows to unsecure Bluetooth devices. Read the Microsoft KB article discussing the Bluetooth issues. The update was released on June 11th 2019. This is a paste from their KB article: “Any device using well-known keys to encrypt connections may be affected, including certain security fobs.” Solution: Look up your manufacturers Bluetooth drivers and see if there are any updates. Have you been affected by this Windows Update? Comment below.  

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    Microsoft OneNote has stopped working

    Are you using OneNote 2016 and can no longer start it? You will see this error message “Microsoft OneNote has stopped working” If this suddenly occurred after May 7th 2019 then it was caused by a recent Windows Update. The update was released on May 7th 2019 and then pulled by Microsoft after discovering it crashed OneNote. This is the Microsoft KB article about it. This problem actually occurred for me today (17th May) after updating my PC. It was very frustrating at the time however finding the reason behind the error saved me a lot of time. I was close to reimaging my PC 🙂 This is a paste…

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    A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed – WDS PXE issue

    I kept getting “A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed” in MDT/WDS. I had no idea it was actually a cumulative (March) windows update that broke the WDS server this week. The MS article says “After installing this update, there may be issues using the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) to start a device from a Windows Deployment Services (WDS) server configured to use Variable Window Extension. This may cause the connection to the WDS server to terminate prematurely while downloading the image. This issue does not affect clients or devices that are not using Variable Window Extension.” Solution: Disable TFTP Variable Window Extension inside WDS properties. Here is…

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    Can’t RDP into my servers! CredSSP Info

    On Friday 11th of May 2018, I tried to RDP into the servers at work and could not login. This is the error message: I learnt that a new update to Win 10 has stopped my ability to RDP into the servers. I researched more into this and found: March 13, 2018 – An update to the RDP was released to Win clients and servers. April 17, 2018 – An RDP client update enhances the error message when an updated client fails to connect to a server which has not been patched.  (Still allowing connections to unpatched servers) May 8, 2018 – An update to a reg setting from Vulnerable…

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    Word 2016 blank table bug

    After you install update KB4011039, you may encounter the following issues: If you merge vertical cells in a table, the cell content disappears, and you can’t select the merged cell. If you open an existing document that has a table with merged cells, the cells are displayed as blankAs a workaround, you can uninstall this update, and your tables will return to normal. MS anticipate releasing the fix for these issues in the next monthly update that’s tentatively scheduled for October 3, 2017. Link to Microsoft re this issue.

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    Win 10 update broke DHCP / getting an IP address

    Last week Microsoft quietly fixed a Windows update it recently released which prevents users from getting an IP and connecting to the Internet. People are pointing the issue to update KB3201845 released on Dec 9 2016, which appears to break DHCP. This prevents Win 10 from automatically getting an IP address from the network. KB4004227 has been released to resolve this issue. “Note: This issue is limited to PCs running Windows 10 version 1607 that have not been restarted recently, and with network adapters unexpectedly showing an IP address in the 169.x.x.x range. ” More info on MS forums.

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    Outlook 2010 safe mode dodgy patch

    Microsoft’s patch tuesday 8/12/15 brought update KB3114409. The patch was meant to fix issues with Outlook 2010 however it breaks Outlook and forces it into running in Safe mode and also prevents the preview pane from working unless you manually turn it on. The fix is to uninstall the patch. Go into Programs & Features, View installed updates and search for the kb number. Double click it to uninstall. Microsoft have pulled the update.