Easy way to create a bootable USB stick

Universal USB Installer can easily create bootable USB sticks. It allows you to choose from a large selection of Linux distributions.

I discovered this tool as I needed to create a DBAN (Darik’s boot and Nuke) bootable usb. It can also create many types of rescue boot cds. It’s worth checking out.

Rufus is another great tool that can create a bootable usb from an ISO and also create bootable DOS usb’s easily.

By the way have you seen the RAVPower FileHub? It's a travel Router with wifi AC750 300Mbps Wi-Fi on 2.4Ghz or 433 Mbps on 5Ghz. It includes an SD Card Reader, 6700mAh Battery and can connect an SSD hd. Make this a portable NAS to store your pics and videos or upload your SD card pics/videos to a SSD hd. This is a bargain for under $60. (Amazon USA Link)

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