XTree Gold

Does anyone remember XTree Gold? If you are like me and grew up in the 80/90’s you will remember XTree Gold. What a life saver it was, especially for people who weren’t confident in DOS. XTree Gold is one of the first GUI file managers made which runs on MS-DOS.

Did you know, it’s still alive today! You can download it in 32 or 64 bit for Windows from

It was released on April 1st 1985 and became very popular! By 1991, XTree sold over 3 million copies. Unfortunately, when Windows was released it was forgotten about. Windows Explorer took it’s place.

Before XTree Gold there was a command in DOS called TREE which displayed directories in a similar fashion. Go into cmd and type tree to have a look.

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  • Prizm

    Man that brings back memories. When I needed to free up some serious space on my 120MB hard disk, XTGold was my go-to program. And yes, 20 years ago I did have folders…oops I mean DIRECTORIES on my hard disk called skyroads and wolf3d.

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