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Can’t print to a HP printer with my Mac

Are you seeing an error such as “hpPostProcessing.bundle will damage your computer. Report malware to Apple to protect other users” when trying to print to HP LaserJet printer on Mac OS Catalina?

I saw this issue on Wed 28th Oct 2020 and found out later that HP unintentionally revoked certificates which has caused the operating system to think the HP software is a malware bug.

“We unintentionally revoked credentials on some older versions of Mac drivers,” said a HP spokesperson. ” This caused a temporary disruption for those customers and we are working with Apple to restore the drivers. In the meantime, we recommend users experiencing this problem to uninstall the HP driver and use the native AirPrint driver to print to their printer.”


  1. Remove the HP printer from inside the system preferences -> Printers & Scanners
  2. Find the printer on the HP website support section
  3. Install HP Smart (For the HP Officejet Pro 8610 the link is here)
  4. Install the printer via the HP Smart software

Fixed 🙂 Let me know if this helps you?

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