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Backup & Restore of DHCP Server 2012 and above

I recently built a new 2016 domain controller, exported the old 2012 DHCP server config and imported it in Server 2016 via the DHCP GUI.

On the new 2016 server DHCP failed with an error “The DHCP service failed to restore the DHCP registry configuration”. I was stuck and couldn’t restore the new DHCP server.

Here is an alternate way of exporting/importing DHCP. Here is the solution:

  1. Open cmd on the server you want to export the DHCP config (In my case it was the older 2012 R2 server)
  2. netsh dhcp server export C:\Users\username\Desktop\dhcp.txt all 
  3. Copy this file to the new server you wish to restore the DHCP config and open cmd
  4. netsh dhcp server import C:\Users\username\Desktop\dhcp.txt all 
  5. Select “Authorize” in the DHCP management console of the new server.
  6. All done. Did it work for you?
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