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Office 2011 Mac Upgrade to Office 2016

So I tried to update a clients mac running Office 2011 to Office 2016. Simple you would think. Maybe not so simple.

When I tried to update it said two services Microsoft Database Daemon and SyncServicesAgent were running and had to be stopped.

I tried to kill the process via Activity Monitor. No luck, it starts back automatically.

Here’s how to do it: Open the Terminal utility on your Mac and paste the following code:

while true; do kill $(ps -ef | grep -i SyncServices | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2} '); done

Now try and you will have success. The terminal will be looping the command to keep it killing the process. Once you have installed Office 2016 you can then press CTRL C in the terminal window and stop the loop. Close Terminal and Office 2016 will be ready to go!

Thanks to the following site for this life saving tip.

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