Free Parental Control for Families – CleanBrowsing DNS

CleanBrowsing is a DNS-based content filtering service that offers a safe way for kids to browse the web safely.

How to set this up:

You will need to adjust your DNS address which is provided to your devices usually via DHCP on your router.

CleanBrowsing provide install guides on setting this up for free filters and paid filters.

Free filters:

There are 3 content filters such as:

Security Filter   Malicious domains blocked (phishing, malware).
Adult Filter  Adult domains blocked; Search Engines set to safe mode; +Security Filter
Family Filter Proxies, VPNs & Mixed Adult Content blocked; Youtube to safe mode; +Adult Filter

If you need to filter your kids devices I would choose the Family Filter. This locks down Youtube to safe mode, google search locked to SafeSearch, blocks proxies, VPNs, adult content and malicious domains such as phishing and malware.

You won’t need to signup to CleanBrowsing with an account to do this, unfortunately with the free filters you won’t get any visibility into what sites your kids are visiting (Unless you get the paid version).

Paid filters:

If you need more filters to block other sites such as torrents, gaming, gambling etc) you can sign up to the paid plans.

For $5 per month you get access to 14 custom filters and blocks, DNS visibility, DNS reporting, domain whitelisting, real time logging, profiles and up to 20 devices.

Final Notes:

I have heard of OpenDNS providing a similar service however I am very impressed with CleanBrowsing as it provides an easy way to lock down your devices to the Google SafeSearch and Youtube safe mode, which was not available on other DNS providers. Parent’s – Check out CleanBrowsing today!

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