• Sharepoint

    Force Sharepoint to HTTPS

    This is a great guide showing you how to force HTTP to HTTPS by using URL rewrite if you are running Sharepoint 2013 and have installed an SSL certificate. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/dawiese/2016/06/07/redirect-from-http-to-https-using-the-iis-url-rewrite-module/

  • PC Building

    Powerful power supplies

    I was building a new PC for a client. The thought came across, how powerful should it be? Here is some interesting info I have found. A PSU will ONLY use from the source what is being drawn by the system load. A PSU that runs warm/hot draws more power. Therefore: It is far more economical to run a higher…

  • MS Server,  Windows Updates,  WSUS

    WSUS Update for Win 10 clients

    In your WSUS 2012 R2 server, are you noticing clients are displayed as Windows Vista instead of Windows 10? Install this patch from MS (kb3095113) which will fix this and also allow WSUS to sync and distribute feature upgrades for Windows 10. This update is not required to enable WSUS to sync and distribute servicing updates for Windows 10.

  • Antivirus,  MS Server

    Stop Cryptolocker

    Stop Cryptolocker, or at least get warned if it starts encrypting files on your file server. The link below has instructions on how to setup File Server Resource Manager in Windows Server. By adding in certain file extensions you will be able to setup automatic emailing (and shutdown if you want) to detect when Cryptolocker starts encrypting files on your…

  • Windows Tips

    Windows 10 default printer trouble

    I had a client ask me why their default printer keeps changing. I discovered a new feature of Windows 10 automatically sets the default printer to the last user printer. To fix this: Click on the start button and type in “Printers & Scanners” Click on Printers and Scanners Turn off the setting “Let Windows manage my default printer”

  • Office365

    OneDrive Next Gen Sync Client

    OneDrive for Business has a new sync client named OneDrive Next Gen Sync Client. The new client has a few improvements over OneDrive for Business. Improved reliability and performance Selective sync Support for large files up to 10GB Removing the 20,000 file sync limit Instructions for IT pro’s to silently deploy and config the client It’s available for Windows 7,8…

  • MS Office

    Mac Office 2016 & Webdav

    I recently noticed a user with Office 2016 (Mac – El Capitan) and accessing Office files with a webdav connection to a server. It appears editing Office files on a webdav connection in Office 2016 (Mac) is not supported. See this link. A workaround was to setup CyberDuck and download the word doc, make the changes and re-upload it to…