• Raspberry Pi

    Raspbmc heartbleed update

    For those using a Raspberry Pi and Raspbmc there is a new update that brings improved external sound card support, a fix for AirPlay support on iOS 7, performance improvements and most important a Heartbleed vulnerability fix. Reboot it now to get the update. Raspbmc link

  • Freeware

    Remote Desktop Manager

    Remote Desktop Manager is a remote desktop program that will allow you to centralise all of your remote connections, passwords, configuration settings all in the one program. This program has to be checked out, it is very cool! You can add MS RDP, Citrix, Ftp, Intel AMT, LogMeIn, PC Anywhere, Radmin, Remote Assistance, ScreenConnect, TeamViewer, Telnet, SSH, RAW, rLogin, VNC,…

  • Freeware


    Speedfan is a great program that will display your computers cpu, hard disk & gpu temperature. This is handy if you want to see how hot your computer is. After time your PC will gather dust inside and your cpu may get hotter over time due to dust build up in the cpu heatsink. This will mean the heatsink is…

  • Apple

    iTunes update gone wrong

    Are you getting this error – The program can’t start because MSVCR80.dll is missing from your computer If so, here is the solution. It’s due to installing the new iTunes 11.1.4 update. Link to Apple Support here

  • Windows Tips

    Can’t find Manage Wireless Networks in Win 8?

    In Win 7 you could click on “Manage Wireless Networks” to add/edit/delete wireless network profiles, however in Win 8 it has disappeared. Let’s hope MS fix this in Win 8.1 SP1 ? Solution: Open a run box window (or press win+R) then type cmd to open Windows 8 CLI. To see stored wireless profiles, type: netsh wlan show profiles This…

  • Windows Updates

    Win 8.1 has been released

    Win 8.1 has been released and if you are already running Win 8 you can download it for free via the Windows store (The free update is 3.5 gb). What’s new: – The start button is back (Right clicking it gives you plenty of good options such as control panel, command prompt, explorer,  shutdown, programs/features etc) – You can now…

  • Funny Pics,  Site updates

    Happy weekend + tech pic.

    Hey everyone, thanks for all the likes! More great tech content coming very soon. Like to stay up to date with the latest tech fixes, be sure to visit our page. Here is a pic I hope you like. What do you think, true or not? 🙂 Have a super weekend all. # What my friends think I do

  • MS Office,  WSUS

    Oops, Outlook 2013 folder pane disappears

    After the September updates were released from Microsoft a bug has been found to make the folder pane (on the left hand side) disappear. I actually experienced this for myself today. Here is a link from Microsoft with a detailed description and fix. MS are working on re-publishing the September update with the correct versions of mso.dll and outlook.exe to…