HP LaserJet M451 Win10 Print Driver

After installing the latest drivers for the HP LaserJet M451 (Oct 2015) I had an issue where the drivers installed fine however the device would not show up in device manager.


  1. On the printer front panel go to the Service Menu
  2. Find HP Smart Install and set it to off

Now Smart Install should be disabled and the device will appear correctly in the device manager and printing works.

Further info:

I couldn’t access the service menu due to the menu being locked. Here are the instructions to reset the printers settings.

NVRAM initialization
CAUTION: All HP Jetdirect settings are also reset. Be sure to print a configuration page before
performing an NVRAM initialization. Make note of the IP address that is listed on the Jetdirect
configuration page. You need to restore the IP address after performing an NVRAM initialization.
Performing an NVRAM initialization resets the following settings and information:
● All menu settings are reset to factory default values.
● All localization settings, including language and country/region, are reset.
After performing an NVRAM initialization, reconfigure any computers that print to this product so that
the computers can recognize the product.
Perform an NVRAM initialization
1. Turn the product off.
2. Simultaneously press the Right arrow button and the Cancel button. Keep these buttons
depressed as you turn the product on.
3. When Permanent storage init. appears on the display, release both buttons.
4. When the product has finished the NVRAM initialization, it returns to the Ready state.

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