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Adobe DC black streaks / lines

A client had an issue with black streak / lines printing down the page when printing PDFs with Adobe Reader DC. We replaced the printer and it’s still occurring.

I found this article which appears to fix the problem. This is occuring after upgrading to Windows 10 anniversary update.



“The problem is fixed in the November 03, 2016 patch release of Acrobat DC and Reader DC. This update is automatically applied to all existing installations of Acrobat DC and Reader DC. You can also open Acrobat or Reader DC and go to Help > Check for updates to make sure you are on the latest patch.”

If this doesn’t help fix the issue also try this:

“After you hit Print, go to Properties, then Advanced.  (Be sure and not use the Advanced Tab from the Print Screen.)  Under Printer Features, Turn OFF Print in Grayscale.

Click OK twice.  Now use the Advanced Tab, Under Color Management I chose to Let printer choose colors.”

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