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Original Xiaomi Mi Home Smart WiFi Power Socket

I recently purchased a new Original Xiaomi Mi Home Smart WiFi Power Socket from eBay. Here is a quick review with some easy to read instructions for users in Australia. (The manual was completely in Chinese)

Links to buy: eBay Australia

Setup instructions:

  1. Plug in the socket
  2. Open the MiHome app. The app is available for iPhone and Android. (See the search term in the screenshot below)
  3. Sign up to the MiHome App via mobile, Facebook or email. I clicked on the bottom right lock symbol. Here you can signup with your email address and create a login.
  4. Change the locale to mainland
  5. Click on the + symbol
  6. Select “Mi Smart Power Plug”
  7. Click Yellow light blinking and next
  8. Select Wi-Fi network and type in your SSID (Wireless name) and password. Click Next.
  9. Connect your phone to the WiFi network specified (This is the power socket) and return to Mi Home app
  10. It will say “Connecting” and then “Connected successfully”
  11. Select device location – Living room or other.
  12. Change device name to what you are plugging into this socket.
  13. Click OK
  14. Share the device with. someone else or “Let’s get started”
  15. Agree and continue
  16. Now enjoy controlling your power socket by your phone.

Feature List:

  • Mobile phone remote control
  • Overload protection
  • High temperature resistant (Up to 750 degrees fire resistant material. Safe to use)
  • LED indicator light
  • Time programming
  • Automation can be setup e.g If you leave home then the power socket will turn off automatically

My Usage:

I have plugged my PC into the socket. I changed my PC bios to always turn on the PC. This way I can vpn from anywhere into my home router and turn my PC on and off.

Extra Tips:

If you need to factory reset the socket, hold down on the button for 15 seconds.

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